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For years, the fast fashion industry has suggested that individual style can only be purchased from a rack of mass-produced clothing, often at the expense of fossil fuels and unethical labor.  Meanwhile, zero waste fashion proposes a sustainable alternative by generating little or no textile waste in production while still offering completely personalized styles. Environmental activist Angelica Pasquali, the photographer and creative director behind “A Million For Zero” set out to create a photo series that breaks the misconceptions about zero waste fashion. Sustainable fashion is often perceived as low quality and overall exclusively “boho” style.  However, with the help of four talented eco-conscious designers, the team proves that zero waste fashion can accommodate a range of styles, is premium quality, and can be completely tailored to individuals.

“A Million For Zero” has one clear mission: Show the world you can look like a million bucks with zero waste fashion. To show that zero waste fashion isn’t just one singular style, the shoot featured three sustainable designers with three different approaches.  Anne James, winner of sustainable designers of the year award by DSNY reFashion Week, showcases sophisticated, elegant clothes for women that are made-to-measure. Halima Garrett, designer of Threads of Habit, reworks vintage pieces into bold, vibrant outfits and she was also awarded as a season eight Harlem fashion week emerging designer award winner. Zero Waste Daniel, creates 100% zero waste unisex clothes using Daniel’s ReRoll technique. The stunning jewelry seen throughout the project was provided by Branch and Barrel Designs, which utilizes reclaimed/up-cycled wood.  Makeup and hair by Chiara Savastano. Every factor of this shoot was dedicated to showcasing how thrifted, up-cycled, or zero waste fashion can elevate your style.  There is no greater luxury in the fashion world than owning an exclusive piece that isn’t mass-produced for hundreds of others.

With our world in a serious climate crisis sustainable fashion is finally on the rise. It’s vital now more than ever to wear your values. Every year, global emissions from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, a figure that outweighs the carbon footprint of international flights and shipping combined. Zero Waste fashion can help shift the tides because in reality, less than 1% of pre-consumer and post-consumer textiles are recycled into new clothing.  Zero waste fashion is the future to ethical, sustainable, and tailored style.

Please shop sustainably.

Publication in VOLANT Magazine.

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