Hey there! I am Angelica Pasquali.

I’m an award-winning New Jersey based artist that combines art and activism using primarily photography and videography to create media for the better. My art addresses social and global issues to educate and spark active change. 


Since 2014, I’ve established my business Luna AP Photography. In that time, I've built skills and knowledge that specializes in marketing, editorial, and portraiture.

Beyond being an artist, I am also an advocate and activist. Mental health and our planet are my prime focus areas. 


I believe that one must practice what they preach. Pictured left is a photo of me photographing the largest enviornmental protest in NYC.

Read more about my activism here.

September 20th 2019. 

Photo by Richard Frant.



*Exhibited in:

         The Montclair Arts Museum, New Jersey. 2015.

         The Blank Wall Gallery, Greece. 2017.

               "Travel" Gallery

         Rockland Center of the Arts, New Jersey. 2019.

               "Do One Thing To Make The World A Better Place" Gallery.

         The Kresge and Pascal Galleries, Berrie Center at Ramapo College of New Jersey. 2019.

               "Exposed" Gallery 

*Published in:

          Mob Journal Quarantine Edition #2. May 2020. 

          MYSSFIT ALL-TERNATIVE MAGAZINE."Future". April 2020. 

          National Geographic Daily Dozen. 2019.

          The Trillium Magazine. 2016 - 2019. 

*Book Cover Artist for:

        "Queen 517" by Richard F. DeZerga

        “The Incarnations”, “The Hood And The Wolf Pack” by Christopher Knighton

*Gold Key Award Winning Photographer for the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards presented by the Montclair Arts Museum 

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