For about a year, Angelica Pasquali has been collaborating with influential women all over the globe to relay a powerful message that everyone should hear. This all started back in April 2018, when National Geographic created their Women of Impact Facebook group, which inspired Ms. Pasquali to utilize the platform to connect with other women for a better cause.

            There are multiple strong messages in this video and they all revolve around environmental awareness and action. Whether it’s adapting to individual, sustainable lifestyles or reaching out to government representatives about environmental issues such as climate change, waste, and pollution. The message these women send is clear, we all need to work together do our part in any way we can.

           The featured Women of Impact are: Alana Eagle, Emilie Johnsen, Jaclyn Lee, Maysan Nashashibi, and Angelica Pasquali. This project is a big feat to accomplish, but was made possible by National Geographic’s platform. Although National Geographic did not sponsor this video and it is not an official National Geographic video, the Women of Impact wanted to actively show how powerful coming together can be even when we are spread across the world.

We can make a difference in our climate crisis, we can save our only planet.

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The featured Women Of Impact: Alana Eagle (bottom right), Emilie Johnsen(bottom left), Jaclyn Lee (top left), Maysan Nashashibi (top right), and Angelica Pasquali (center).

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