On September 20th, 2019 over 4million people marched for climate action! I was part of the 250,000+ people that joined together in New York alone.

Overall, the estimate globally was 4 MILLION.

It was a day of true unity between thousands, millions of strangers.

It was so overwhleming and uplifting.

I’m beyond honored to have photographed and been a part of history.

Click each photo to see the stories behind them.

Please remember that our actions don’t stop here.

You must live by your beliefs everyday and fight for climate action everyday.

A young, headstrong girl stands on a traffic light holding her sign proudly above her head. She didn't move a muscle and didn't peak one smile as she knew the emergency we are facing.

These activists were LOUD. loved them and their energy.

This lovely lady was protesting, with a cane and foldable seat. She sat down when the crowd was at a stand-still. She said that she protested in her youth. She held a water wave above her head for the saying "The ocean is rising and so are we!" I just admire that even in her elderly age, she managed to rise still with a smile on her face!

A young girl on her father's shoulders tries to asorb all the faces and signs around her. I managed to grab this photo between signs and protesters.


A cap of strength! I had to pull this woman to the side to take her portrait because I loved her jacket, which her daughter made.

I love this photo because this child was not apart of the protest route, but stood in the corner of a building. So even people passing on the street couldn't ignore the matter. He held up his sign so strong like a statue.

A mother protests holding a sign in one hand and pushing her child with the other arm. Now this is one boss momma. although this was a youth led movement, it was so uplifting to see parents taking their kids too young to protest out to teach them in the importance of their right to a better life.

There is something about the look in this person's eyes that just hits you.


The people on the sidelines weren't letting this be an issue curbed to the side!

This young girl was very vocal!

A young girl claims a traffic sign to make sure everyone can see our messages from blocks away!

A volunteer for Sunrise Movement in front of the charging bull.

This wonderful man took his young cousin out on behalf of her father. Although the dad was a little nervous because of the large crowd, the girl kept proclaiming how much she loved the protest!!

Too young to protest, but not too young to see and learn.

People in buildings and offices, held up signs and filmed the protest from above!

It was so wonderful to catch the eyes of strangers and feel an instant unity with them. We're in this together.

Photo by Richard Frant. (

I met Richard in the middle of the busy crowd. At first he just wanted a photo of my sign, but then we talked and I learned he was too a photographer. It's amazing the artists you can meet just by including them in your art!

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