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In this suicide prevention campaign,

brave suicide survivors talk about their attempts, stories,

and more importantly, their inspiring recoveries. 

This campaign was co-produced by my friend Jade and I. Originally, I wanted to solely film jade reading her goodbye letter, but then it grew into something bigger and stronger. People started volunteering to talk for the sake of opening up real conversations and hopefully giving vital insight for people in similar dark spots as they were. 

We hope that this campaign shows that life can be hard, very hard at times. Yet, life is still worth living and there is still countless beautiful things, people, and events. 

The main video is a condensed video highlighting main points everyone made.

For the individuals' full-length videos, please see my channel. 

The Journey Continues...

Learn how Jade and I embark on a new chapter for the "I'm Still Here" campaign.

Join us and stop suicide!

Contact: lunaphotography.ap@gmail.com - USA, NJ

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