Marketing photos for Ramapo College of  New Jersey. Directed, lighted, and photographed by myself. 

Mountain Dew challenges people to “Do The Dew” as they showcase sports through their company. After drinking this soft drink, you’ll be ready to do anything! … like snowboard down a mountain of mountain dew! I created this ad to show the excitement athletes get after getting a refreshing take of Mtn Dew.

*Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Mountain Dew or PepsiCo. This is an ad to simple display my skills as a content creator for Mountain Dew.

Product photography for Svalbard.
Inspired by their brand history about the "Nordlys" (the "Northern Lights", in Norsk language) having special adornments symbolizing the waves of the Northern Lights.
Product photography for Balocoloc Venetian Masks.

Pela Case is the world's first 100% compostable, eco-friendly phone case. Inspired by the company and their imporant message, I created this product advertisement photo ad with the phone case I purchased.

*Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Pela Case. This is an ad to simple display my skills as a content creator and support Pela Case.

Planet or Plastic 

National Geopgraphic Magazine Mock-Up

Inspired by the recent powerful National Geographic June magazine cover for their campaign “Planet or Plastic?” I created a mock-up magazine cover following the topic of too much plastic in our environment. Depicted here are clown fish living in what seems to be an anemone, which is their natural underwater home. With a closer look, the anemone is actually a collection of plastic straws. An average of 500 million single-use plastic straws are used daily in the United States alone. It is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It is time that the people of the Earth start making progressive changes and being conscious of our human impact. The planet is not solely ours. If we continue to slowly disrupt and destroy natural recourses and species, we will slowly disrupt and destroy our own lives. CALL TO ACTION: Today I ask you to make one small change: say NO to single-use plastics like straws. Your first step can be purchasing a reusable straw.


*Disclosure: I am not affiliated with National Geographic and this is not a real magazine cover that National Geographic is publishing. This is a mock-up to promote National Geographic, promote the better good of eco-awareness, and to simple display my skills as a content maker and personal support for National Geographic.

Marketing photography for Sola Salon Studios

I've photography Will Wood for multiple campaigns, events, and marketing materials. 

Behind the scene photography for Square Up Studios

Marketing photography for private yoga teacher. 


Motion Graphics

Animated youtube opener for my youtube channel. 
Animated video for Sleepless Mind Entertainment. 
Marketing closer for Ramapo College of New Jersey. 
Promotional video for MEVO's CSA Program. 
Youtube opener for MYZE MUSIC. 
Marketing video animated by me showcasing most of my photography as well for Ramapo College.
Animated lyric video for "Jane Doe" by Callout. 

graphic Design

Merchandise graphic design for Callout. All profits are donated to The Unbroken Foundation when supplies last, get yours here
Watercolor graphic  design entry for Lindt's 2020 limited edition golden bunny  through
Magazine cover entry for The Drum through
Magazine cover entry for The Drum through
Flyer and logo design for a new Transfer Student Association club at Seton Hall Universtiy. 
Flag/Poster design inspired by This Wild Life's single "Westside".
A graphic design piece I created. Original quote and idea are mine. 
Book cover design for “The Hood And The Wolf Pack” by Christopher Knighton.
Book cover design for “The Incarnations” by Christopher Knighton.


Callout "THIEF" album release show highlight reel. I fully produced this. 
A promotional video for MEVO's Fresh Roots Farm Feast in support for the envrionmental awareness efforts and education. I fully produced this. 
Video from the "Learning and Exploring at Ramapo College" series. Filmed by Jacob Feldman and I. Edited by myself. 
Video from the "Learning and Exploring at Ramapo College" series. Filmed by Jacob Feldman and I. Edited by myself. 
Video from the "Learning and Exploring at Ramapo College" series. Filmed by Jacob Feldman and I. 
Event recap of "I Am Enough" campagin that was an original concept created by me. I filmed the majority of this with assistance of Jacob Feldman. Edited by myself. 
Spring Concert Video for 4GotteNSuitCase. I fully produced this. 
Video for Sleepless Mind Entertainment featuring Will Wood & The Tapeworms.
Product photography for Newell Taylor Shoes.

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