As to date (2019):

2 continents • 3 countries • 5 states within the USA

For this project, I have thus far asked over 300 people a simple, five-word question, “What do you want most?” These are brief glimpses into the window of peoples’ lives by showing how they think, what they value, and who they are. It explores humanity via individuality. It focuses on peoples’ cognitive processes through in-depth interviews accompanied with head-on portraits.

This ongoing body of work has lofty intentions. As it has been growing for about over two years and will be for several more. Over time, some people change their answers, adjusting to their transforming life and mindset. Each subject becomes lively pieces of art that are socially engaging with the audience. Soon, I will have a library of people from all over the world and the answers to the burning question to share.  This library will be diverse in age, height, race, ethnicity, location, and gender.

Watch the original video that kick started this whole project before it transitioned into a photo series:

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