The #Whynotchallenge

A simple yet powerful campaign, the #WhyNotChallenge is not only proactive, but also allows everyone who takes part in it to express themselves in a personalized way. With some paper, a writing utensil, and a little thought you can possibly save lives while reflecting on your own. Mental health affects everybody. So whether you're a mental health advocate, supporter, care taker, or just someone who wants to share the joy of life: be a part of this campaign & let's create hundreds of reasons to live for those who can't think of one. 

I created this campaign on Instagram for Suicide Prevention Month (September). Over the course of the month, together we created about 2,200 reasons to live! 

"A close friend once told me, 'People do not run out of reasons to live, but lose the ability to see the value in those reasons.' That sparked a mission for me to not only give everyone a million reasons to live, but to allow each individual to showcase what they value in those reasons. Each reason contains permanent value. It is vital we never forget that." - Angelica Pasquali

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